Draper Header Skid Plates
In response to a request from a DynaFlex draper header owner, we have developed this
skid plate set. It replaces the bottom back half of the AGCO factory-installed plastic skid
plate which wears quickly, resulting in potentially major damage to the skid plate weldment.
To compensate for this issue, we made our replacement skid plate of AR400 steel, the same
material that is used extensively in mining and earth moving.

Feedback from farmers and field reps tells us that our replacement part prolongs the life of
the weldment/assembly and keeps their machines in the field longer. The durable metal
plate enables operators to run the header as conditions require, on the ground for poor or
low-growing crops, without constant worry about wearing through the skid plates.
The set includes two
skid plates, bolts,
and instructions for
attaching to the
existing unit.
or to make a
please call