Pellet / Briquette  Press can be used for a variety of materials:
Granular Salt
Solar Salt

We offer complete Pellet Press / Briquette Assemblies.

Did you know ?
MDS offers reconditioning and refurbishing of used press components.
We can also recondition the pockets on your press rolls, saving you money.
Our presses have "Zero Backlash" couplings, compactor duty hydraulic cylinders,
100 to 150 HP Mill & Chemical motor.
Available with:
  • variable speed metering screw feeder
  • Dual Output Gearbox
  • air/hydraulic power unit
  • stainless steel guards
  • up to 13" and 24" diameter sleeves
The press can be assembled in several layouts which allows you more flexibility for
the space you have available. Our press is easily serviceable.