The same technology used by NASA for the last 50 years is available to you right here at our shop in South
Hutchinson, KS. Sending metals and other materials through a cryogenic treatment process will cause them to
become tougher, resist corrosion, and wear longer, increasing their life by 2-5 times.

Over several hours, computer controls use liquid nitrogen to very slowly lower the temperature in the cryogenic
processing unit to -300º F and hold it there for an extended period of time, maximizing the effects. Once the
temperature is returned to normal, the process is complete and the cryogized part is ready for use.

Our system has a capacity of 2,500 pounds. We can accommodate parts up to 18.5" wide, 28" tall, and 67" long.
Diagonally, our maximum space is 72".

Chain saw bars and chains
Compacting machine components
Drill bits
Extruding screw segments
Gun barrels
Mower blades, band saw blades
Agricultural - sickle sections, chisel points,
cultivator sweeps
Automotive - engine blocks, brake rotors,